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Sunday 8th September 17:00 - 20:00


After a dream run in their preseason campaign, the Seattle Seahawks look for another win as they face the Carolina Panthers, in their first match of the regular season, this Sunday. The Panthers will be playing at home, the Bank of America Stadium. The Seahawks performed at their peak in the recently concluded preseason, winning all their matches with overwhelming margins. They will feel pretty confident of continuing the same form, and they have the players to reflect that in the upcoming games.

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The Seahawks have inducted a few young guns around, and they are practicing hard to make the team’s number 1 spot in the rankings, a stable one. The seniors are also there to guide the young guns and use their experience to full effect. The Panthers were not too far behind the Seahawks, as they managed to win 3 games out of 4. They did not show as much aggression and power as the Seahawks, but they are still a confident unit capable of playing well. They will be practicing hard to overcome the Seahawks, and boost their confidence. The team combination does not look quite settled as the Panthers have drafted quite a few new players for this regular season. They need to settle down on a combination quickly; otherwise they can have trouble in the first game.

Posted: 7th October 2012

On Sunday, October 7th, the Carolina Panthers host the Seattle Seahawks at 4:05PM Eastern Time at the Bank of America Stadium. This game will be part of the fifth week of the regular season and although these teams haven't faced each other too often, they do have somewhat of a history. The last time that they went head to head was in Seattle in 2010. The Panthers took quite a beating that day, with the game ending 31 to 14. Carolina lost to the Seahawks once in in 2006 during the NFC Championship, with a final this time of 23 to 14.

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However, the Panthers should be concentrating on the future. Carolina is looking at a 1-4 record to start if they can't prevail against Seattle. However, for the Seahawks, they need a win as well. They don't often play well on the road and so Carolina has an opportunity for a win. Seattle does have a strong defense with a lot of man-to-man coverage, which means that they can force the QB on the other side to make a mistake. Cam Newton is going to have to make sure that no mistakes are made during this head to head with the Seahawks.

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Posted: 8th September 2013

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